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Our Wedding

Welcome to the English speaking side of our wedding. This site contains many of the commonly asked questions and a form below to register your interest in attending our special day, along with our families and friends. 

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In the beginning, they were apart. Matthew lived in Italy, studying medicine in Pavia. Yasemin lived in Turkey, studying medicine in Eskisehir. Both had very different ideas of where their lives were going. Different countries, training pathways, and dreams. Yet all that changed with a decision by Yasemin to go on Erasmus for 3 months to Italy...

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In the beginning, Yasemin and Matthew didn't meet. They went to similar social functions, hospital rounds and more, but it wasn't until one day, just a couple of weeks before her departure date back to Turkey and the life she left behind, that their eyes met on that fateful morning. 

Was it love at first sight? Common interests? Or perhaps a meeting of twin souls recognising one another across time and space. Fireworks began.


In the beginning, neither Matthew nor Yasemin intended to have a long distance relationship. Neither certainly intended a relationship across a continent, for over four years... and yet through their final years of medicine, the COVID-19 pandemic and both graduations, their love for each other was only stronger. The time to make definitive plans for the future of their lives was fast approaching...

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In the beginning of the summer of 2022, while Yasemin studied hard for her English language certification to work abroad, and Matthew toiled away in the Emergency departments of Italy, both realised a final decision was needed. Where to go, and should it be together?

Crisis, heart-ache, reconciliation and decision:

Ireland was to be the destination together. Ireland, and soon more still...


In the beginning of their journey to Ireland, unbeknownst to Yasemin, Matthew had made a decision. In taking a leap of faith together, to a new world, a new life, the love between them was cemented and needed a solid symbol of that commitment. A ring. No ordinary ring though, nor any ordinary proposal. 

After months of planning, learning Turkish and having the perfect ring made, it was time to ask for her hand in marriage. On March 31st 2023 he asked her...

She said "Yes".

And the rest is history.

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The Venue


We have the pleasure of being able to offered accommodation for most, if not all, of our guests in the chateau itself. Having booked the entire property for the special event, we are able to offer our guests heavily subsidised rooms for the duration of the wedding. Rooms are arranged into two to six bedroom apartments with a living room and kitchen. Most rooms are also ensuite, with a private bathroom. Guests are encouraged to bring swimwear to enjoy the pool on the day before the wedding, as well as the morning and early afternoon before the ceremony on the day.

Each room is being offered for €200 each for the two day event. There are twenty-five rooms available for guests, with the remainder used for the bridal party. 

Nearby to Villarlong, guests can also avail of alternative accommodation at Chateau Saint Jacques D'Albas, or various AirBnB properties in the vicinity of the Minervois. Carcassonne is a twenty minute drive from the property and guests may find further options for hotels and BnBs there. 

Please contact us via Whatsapp, email or using the contact form below to reserve a room. We will get back to you with bank details to send the reservation deposit. 


Food, Drinks and Dresscode

Dinner on the Friday 31st of May is being provided by the Francis family's excellent team of chefs, and drinks will be provided. On the Saturday 1st of June, the day of the wedding, a cold buffet lunch will also be provided to those guests who would like to participate in a light lunch. Alternatives for dinner and lunch are a short drive away for those that desire it.

We are pleased to be catered on the evening of the wedding by the excellent Traiteur Hille, located in Carcassonne. Please let us know well in advance of any dietary requirements, and allergies... There will be an open bar offering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks until late.

The dress code for the wedding day is "cocktail"

Breakfast and Brunch on the Saturday and Sunday can be reserved, if guests wish, in the restaurant of Chateau Villarlong. This is optional but encouraged for those who wish to avoid self catering for these meals. They offer a-la-carte and buffet options. Please contact us for details on how to book these meals, if you so desire. 

Wedding Registry

For those guests that would like to offer a gift on our wedding day, any and all gifts are welcomed. For those who would prefer to choose something from a registry list, we have created an Amazon registry to offer inspiration and suggestions for those struggling to find something.

Please be assured that we do not expect gifts for our wedding, and your presence on our special day is the best gift of all.


Chateau Villarlong, Villarlong, 11600 Villarzel-Cabardès, France

00353 (87) 1500 719 - Matthew

00353 (87) 7953 019 - Yasemin

Please indicate yor preferred accomadation

Thanks for submitting!

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